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Product Detail

The Driftbox is the next level up from the PerformanceBox. It does everything the PerformanceBox does plus the additional feature of measuring your drift angle!

Product Summary

 Drift analyzer

 Performance Meter

 Lap Timer

 Data Logger

 Power Calculator


 Upgradeable to VBOX Mini.

Price: AED 3,300

The DriftBox is the first ever vehicle performance meter with the ability to measure drift angle! In addition, the DriftBox does everything the PerformanceBox does as well:


 Straight-line performance: 0-60, 0-100, 60-130, 60-0, 0-100-0, -mile etc.

 Horsepower calculation: calculate both wheel and flywheel HP.

 Lap Timing: using GPS, there is no need for an external lap timing beacon. Accurate to 1/10th of a second.

 Speed and Compass display: use it as a super-accurate speedometer, updating 10 times per second, to calibrate or verify your vehicle's speedometer.


The DriftBox displays data on-screen and records to an SD memory card. In addition, the DriftBox offers a Yaw Rate sensor, and calculates your vehicle's drift angle.


Included in this package is:


Driftbox, windscreen suction mount, in-car power supply, USB cable for connection to PC, 1GB SD card, mains power supply, printed manual and software CD


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SKU/Item Number: RLDB01-UK


Phone: +971 (2) 4910039

Phone: +971 (50) 6670586


 External GPS Antenna

 Extra Windscreen Bracket

 Battery Pack

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Optional Extras

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